How to Vape Extracts

How to Vape Extracts

Extracts, BHOs, isolates, concentrates, dabs. There are so many terms for ‘concentrated cannabis products’ that it’s starting to become a bit convoluted. With that in mind, I’ll have to pick one for this article. To keep it consistent and true to form, I think I’ll go with ‘extracts’ as all-encompassing terminology and tell you how best to consume them.

Extracts come in all shapes and sizes and are made in many different ways. If you want to know more about the variety of different extracts, please read one of my previous articles, where I explore and explain what sets them apart. 

In the context of this article, however, I will make no distinction between the various forms of pure cannabinoid essence and only concentrate (buh-dum-tss) on how to consume them. 

Whether it’s a pure crystalline CBD extract like Dispensr’s own brand or any other versions, psychoactive or not. 

Dispensr's very own line of pure CBD extracts is now available in the shop, like this 99.14% pure CBD extract with Gelato terpenes. (photo credit: BladedVapo. Instagram: @bladedvapo)

Dedicated vaporizers, solely for extract vaping

Extracts are best consumed with a vape that was made for that purpose alone. Good thing Dispensr has recently updated its collection of dedicated extract devices as it now offers quite possibly the best pocket-sized pen vaporizer for extracts on the market; the Linx Hypnos Zero

This sleek and discreet little bugger has been made with flavour and purity in mind. The materials used to make the Hypnos Zero, like the glass mouthpiece, the ceramic heating plate, chamber as well as atomizer produce no toxins when heated, even on the highest setting. This produces health-risk-free vapour and pure flavour.

The Linx Hypnos Zero is now available in the shop

Extract adapters and pads for your existing dry herb vaporizers

Like I said, vaping extracts with a device that is purpose-built for it is the ideal choice. I can imagine, however, that those who already own an expensive dry herb vape, don’t necessarily want to invest in another one. Unless you have VAS (Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome) of course, and you just can’t help it.   

Luckily, there are options! 

Take, for instance, your trusty VapCap in combination with a Dynacoil. Once you pop one of those handy little adapters in the tip of your VapCap, you can start puffin’ away on any kind of extract you wish.

On the left: The DynaVap Dynacoil. On the right: The Dynacoil in use with some pure crystalline CBD extract.

If you already own a Crafty, Mighty or Volcano by Storz & Bickel, you can easily convert it to an extract vaporizer by using what they call a drip pad. These are special pads of steel wool that fit perfectly in the oven of any S&B device. Just apply a dab of your favourite extract on top of the pad and fire it up. 

An S&B Mighty loaded up with a Drip pad and a glob of extract on top. 

PAX 3 owners can convert their sleek and sexy vape into an extract vape by getting their hands on a ‘PAXLab concentrate insert’. A purpose-built extension for the PAX range that essentially replaces your dry herb oven with an extract oven.

PAXLabs has a special insert that is solely dedicated to vaping extracts

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