Why buy a desktop vaporizer? What are the pros and cons?

Why buy a desktop vaporizer? What are the pros and cons?

This is an article for those still on the fence. For those who are having trouble deciding to get a portable or desktop vaporizer. This is a piece about pros and cons as well as food for thought on how to make the right decision for YOU.

In previous articles, I’ve talked about how to choose the right vaporizer in general and have delved deeper into why you’d want to consider a portable vaporizer

This time I want to give an ode to the trusty desktop vaporizers. In general, and why you might want to get one, in favour of a portable device

What are the pros and cons of a desktop vaporizer? 

Let’s start with the obvious downsides; Yes, desktop vapes are (generally) more expensive. And yes, they are bulky beasts that are a b*tch to lug around. All true. 

But, what you get in return is a more powerful and heavy-duty machine that can cater to the entire crowd if you’re entertaining guests.

The beauty of having a more powerful device with a bigger oven is that you can vape more for longer. Tabletop vaporizers also tend to vaporise your herb better and more efficient. 

What is the real reason to get a desktop vaporizer?

But, the real reason I like to have a desktop vape close to my couch, is convenience. The convenience of having a bowl ready to go whenever I want a hit - which is pretty much the whole night long. 

With a stationary vaporizer, I only have to dial in my preferred settings once and leave it on the whole time, with only the minimal amount of herb refills. It saves time and attention away from the movie I’m watching, the game I’m playing or the conversation I’m having. That certainly is worth the few extra bucks. 

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